Medical students across the country eagerly await their graduation this spring, and will begin their residencies soon after. Many wonder, ‘Will I be matched to the residency program I want?’ ‘Will I feel ready to start treating patients?’ For one medical student, her worries were far more unique.

Creativity comes in many forms, and group fundraising is no exception! For one college student, using her artistic strengths and personal experience with hearing loss led to a performance that has given the gift of sound to someone in need.

What makes a Birthday special? Is it the gifts, cake or coming together with loved ones? For Erik, his 36th Birthday became extraordinary when he dedicated it to a cause and charity dear to his heart – the Hearing Aid Project.

Whether you need hearing aids or want to get involved to help those in need, we’ve gathered some common questions and answers about the Hearing Aid Project.

Bruises may heal, but many victims of domestic violence suffer long term damage. For Kathleen Johnson, this trauma will last her lifetime. Left permanently disabled and unable to hear the voices of her loved ones, she has now found hope for recovery through the Hearing Aid Project.