Hearing Aid Project’s Second Recipient Finds Hope and Clarity

Hearing Aid Project’s Second Recipient Finds Hope and Clarity

For some, living without the ability to hear clearly can be extremely exhausting and challenging. For Anna Voz, a 42-year-old wife and mother of two, this challenge was a significant part of her everyday life.

Voz’s longstanding history of difficulties with her hearing health stemmed from problems with her left eardrum, which ruptured, creating an irreparable hole that not even surgery could correct.

The hole in her ear drum has inevitably made it difficult to communicate with her loved ones, and has even held her back from many of her passions and hobbies.

Before becoming a participant in the Hearing Aid Project, Voz said that she could only hear sounds in her right ear, and in general, was not able to process low frequency sounds. After visiting her audiologist in Bloomington, Indiana, she was told that hearing aids could drastically improve her ability to hear again.

Voz’s audiologist introduced her to the Hearing Aid Project and she applied soon after. She quickly became one of the first few patients to receive hearing aid assistance through the completion of the project.

Voz mentioned that going through the project was very smooth, and that she was incredibly grateful for the unexpected opportunity.

“I can hear a lot better, especially in my right ear,” Voz mentioned. “I can even hear whispers now.”

According to Voz, her new hearing aids have already improved her social and personal life. She is finally hearing again with clarity, and can do some of the things she loves again like hunting, fishing and watching scary movies.

“It’s a great project because it helps people who cannot afford them (hearing aids) just like it has helped me,” Voz exclaimed. “It’s nice to know there are organizations that want to help people who cannot afford them.”