One Personal Fundraiser = One Life Changed

One Personal Fundraiser = One Life Changed

How powerful is $500? Can a person’s life really be changed through personal fundraising?

If you think the answer is no, just try asking Patrick, Brittany or Anna. These individuals have already received life changing hearing aids through the project thanks to supportive and enthusiastic individuals like Cheryl Cherny.

Cheryl is a board member of Hearing Charities of America, and is the president elect of Sertoma Inc. Her passion for helping others and hearing health inevitably sparked her desire to raise funds for the project.

“Over the years, through personal stories, I learned about the negative impact that hearing loss has on individuals and their families,” Cheryl said. “It made me understand the importance of protecting your ears. Now that I am a mother of two small children, it is my responsibility to protect their hearing.”

Every $500 raised for the project provides ONE pair of hearing aids to someone in need. One pair of hearing aids has the profound power to change a life.

It has the power to help someone start a career, gain confidence, communicate and most importantly, find happiness. After all, isn’t it the little things in life that truly make the biggest difference?

Cheryl is one of the project’s first supporters to raise $500 for the project through personal fundraising… but you could be next! If you are interested in setting up a personal fundraiser to help others hear, it’s simple! We’d love to help you get started today.