The National Hearing Aid Project’s sponsors heard our call for help and responded generously. Through sponsorships, donations and the help of our partners, we are able to put used hearing aids into the hands and ears of individuals in need. These collaborations allow us to change the way people see and hear the world.

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Hearing Charities of America’s (HCOA) purpose is to support those impacted by speech and hearing disorders by expanding awareness, volunteerism and philanthropy. HCOA provides resources to hearing professionals, manufacturers and individuals with hearing related problems. They accomplish this through three related activities: awareness programs, scholarships and Adopt-An-Agency. These activities support HCOA’s mission of commitment and communication. Sertoma is the founding partner of Hearing Charities of America.


Audicus has disrupted the hearing aid industry by offering high-tech, affordable hearing aids online at prices 70 percent lower than prices at a traditional clinic. Audicus hearing aids boast the same technology as the leading hearing aids on the market and are manufactured in Germany.


ESCO was founded by practicing audiology and insurance professionals to meet a void in patient care when it came to extended warranties and Loss and Damage coverage for hearing aids. Working with all hearing aid manufacturers, they have covered more than 1,000,000 hearing aids since they opened their doors. ESCO is a collection center for the Hearing Aid Project to ensure that quality, donated hearing aids can be refurbished and given to those in need.


If you experience any type of hearing loss, Harris Communications can help. Harris Communications is a major distributor of products for the deaf and hard of hearing. Founded in 1982 by Dr. Robert Harris who is a member of the deaf community, their company excels at finding the right assistive technology to fit a person’s needs.


Hearing Health Foundation’s (HHF) mission is to prevent and cure hearing loss and tinnitus through groundbreaking research and to promote hearing health. HHF envisions a world where everyone has the opportunity to enjoy life without hearing loss and tinnitus. Hearing Health Foundation is a collection center for the Hearing Aid Project to ensure that quality, donated hearing aids can be refurbished and given to those in need.


Montclair State University is home to the only audiology doctoral program in the State of New Jersey. The University is please to collaborate with Hearing Charities of America/Sertoma and the NJ DDHH in the New Jersey Hearing Aid Project. Our clinical staff and graduate students will evaluate donated hearing aids and house reconditioned aids for distribution to participating audiologists across New Jersey. The MSU Center for Audiology will also dispense hearing aids to individuals who qualify through the NJ DDHH application process.


The New Jersey Department of Human Services Division of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (NJ DDHH) is pleased to partner with Hearing Charities of America/Sertoma and Montclair State University for the purpose of providing reconditioned hearing aids to low income individuals with needs.

Although there are several programs that offer assistance, the vast majority of people who need hearing aids do not have them due to the high cost. The division receives thousands of inquiries for information, but one of the most common requests is from those seeking hearing aid assistance. Very few insurance companies provide coverage. Many people with hearing loss are over 65 and Medicare also does not provide coverage. Therefore, it is anticipated that this program will help bridge the gap. The division’s participation in the project includes establishing eligibility guidelines, and determining which applicants will be approved to obtain a hearing aid.


TruHearing works with more than 60 managed care organizations across the country. Its mission is to help make hearing aids more affordable by partnering with health plans to provide hearing aid coverage to Americans with hearing loss. TruHearing is a collection center for the Hearing Aid Project to ensure that quality, donated hearing aids can be refurbished and given to those in need.


Composed of more than 425 clubs across the country, this civic service organization’s primary goal is to reach those affected by hearing loss and communicative disorders. Sertoma’s members do this through educational programs such as Sertoma SAFEEars!©, scholarships and the Adopt-an-Agency program. Sertoma is the founding partner of Hearing Charities of America.