Team up with the Hearing Aid Project!

Team up with the Hearing Aid Project!

Millions of hardworking Americans experience hearing loss, and while some can afford hearing aids, many live without access to hearing aids due to the high costs.

As an audiologist, you have seen firsthand how hearing loss affects an individual’s life in all aspects: mentally, physically and emotionally. This is why Hearing Charities of America (HCOA) created the national Hearing Aid Project in August 2016.

Regardless of income, we believe that everyone should have access to healthy hearing. The Hearing Aid Project is one of the few programs that provides low-income individuals with hearing aids and clinical services in the United States at NO cost.

With the help and support of generous donors and audiologists like yourselves, we are able to fill in the gaps when it comes to hearing aid assistance. Will you join us in making a difference? Here’s what you need to know about our program and getting involved!

How does the Hearing Aid Project work?

To support its mission, the Hearing Aid Project emphasizes three program components: get, give, and help.

Get: Individuals in need apply to the program using an online application. If accepted, the Hearing Aid Project administrator will assist in the completion of the process.

Give: The Project takes all hearing aid donations – any age, brand or model. Fill out a donation form online to get started and ship to: 1912 E. Meyer Blvd. Kansas City, MO. 64132.

Help: Your time and gifts are fundamental to the program. Donate your time to assist with clinical services, create a personal fundraiser or host an event to raise funds.

Who does the program help?

The Hearing Aid Project helps both young and older adults. The application process must be completed online. Once a recipient’s screening and approval are complete, the Hearing Aid Project administrator assists them through the process. The Hearing Aid Project has helped cancer patients, domestic abuse survivors, musicians, medical students, and more. It has prompted the beginning of new relationships, careers and opportunities for those in need.

How can you get involved?

Be a resource – Refer individuals in need to the Hearing Aid Project and our list of state and national hearing aid resources online here.

Provide services – You can contribute directly by fitting approved recipients with hearing aids. To get started, simply fill out an agreement with the Hearing Aid Project and submit your credentials. From there, you will be provided with a list of the program’s hearing aid inventory and additional information.

Set up a collection center – Your office can become a collection site for donated hearing aids.  All hearing aids have the power to change a life! We’d be happy to send you a collection stand with information and brochures. Simply call or email us your request.

Fundraise – You can support the program by hosting a CELEBRATE SOUND Don’t Walk in Silence® event or by creating a personal fundraiser online. Both group and independent fundraising opportunities are available. Every dollar changes a life!

Contact us!

Are you ready to volunteer and make a difference with the Hearing Aid Project? Call us at 816.333.8300 or email us at Together, we can create a healthier hearing